[New Magic Item] Xhul-za’s Treasure Maps

Xhul-za’s Treasure Maps

It was already another rowdy night in the Reckless Roc tavern when two strangers entered. Both appeared to be spellcasters; one scowled at the crowd with a grim face, the other wore a heavily lacquered wooden mask. The first stranger pulled a rolled up scroll or map from a fold in his tunic and held it out. Immediately the parchment unfolded and began to flap wildly although there was no breeze. Several patrons of the tavern moved away from this situation. The bartender began to protest when the tall, grim faced wizard turned to glare at him.

‘We will be gone soon, we are looking for something, we will trouble you no more after we find it,’ Stork said, revealing shark-like teeth. Vistis next to him nodded grimly.

Stork strolled forward towards a trio of dwarfs. One looked up and nudged the others.

‘No trouble, just the map,’ Stork told them.

‘You’ll get trouble sure enough. We are not giving up our map,’ one of the dwarfs replied. Another of their trio was struggling to hold a similar map to the one Stork held. The wizard quickly put his map away.

‘As you wish,’ Stork said and waved to Vistis the Blue Mage.

Strange shadowy tentacles erupted from the darkness along with a hideous gnashing sound which cleared the tavern, even of the barkeep. The dwarfs, not so easily shaken pulled their weapons.

‘If this is what you want,’ Stork hissed as he began casting spells of his own.

The archmage Xhul-za wasn’t interested in lichedom having a scheme for his afterlife on the outer planes, so he chose to scatter his wealth about and record its whereabouts on fifty arcane maps. There may be fifteen or so left.

Benefit: Creepy maps that writhe when held, each one has the following qualities:

  • When within 20′ of another of Xhul-za’s maps each map will try to meld with the other, a Strength attribute check with a -1 modifier is required to keep them apart. Melded maps automatically adjust to possess a smaller area and reveal more treasures. The farther away the treasures the smaller the map’s scale. (i.e. map can go from one mountain or tower to a continent by adding a map from far away)
  • Each examination of the map often causes small bits (5%) to turn to dust and fall away at the edges. Most maps found now are only 75%-90% complete, some far less, others are completely gone. Consulting the map requires a Wisdom attribute check with a -2 modifier to avoid this disintegration.
  • While often trapped and/or guarded by ancient constructs, the treasures are always amazing and often x3-x5 of the high end treasure, always with 1d4 outstanding magical treasure items. To this end just the rumor of one of this in an area brings a lot of unusual activity by treasure seekers.

Usable by: Anyone.

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