[New Magic Spell] Druid’s Nest

Druid’s Nest

Bakra-do woke to find himself staring at a bright blue sky. All of the interlaced pine boughs that had sheltered him the night before had unraveled and the mercenary found himself exposed to the wild once again. Looking around groggily he noticed a roughly scrawled note in the dust.

‘Gone down into the dell. Will be near the rushing brook. I will make another lair to rest in for us. Make a noise like a warbler when you are near the brook.’ Kodil

Slowly the mercenary stretched and gathered his things while trying to remember what a warbler sounded like. Sometimes traveling with a druid through the forest was more challenging than it ought to be.

Druid’s Nest (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 20′ radius.

Duration: One week and one day or until dispelled or another nest is cast elsewhere.

This spell collects natural material into a ‘nest’ or lair that offers protection from water, heals those inside 1d3 hit points per day and allows for a fire within that does not reveal smoke outside of the roof of the ‘nest’. While well camouflaged (10% chance to detect) this shelter offers a warm, dry area but does not keep those that track by scent away until cast by a 9th level druid at which time any pursuers are confused and there is only a 5% chance to find this shelter.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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