[New Magic Item] Spirit Tankard

Spirit Tankard

Uzeb the Wise and Jaundo regarded the dwarf’s tankard as the barkeep had just filled it with a sweet local wine.

‘And you say it will do what?’ the wizard asked.

The dwarf raised one finger and then mumbled into the tankard. Almost instantly a ghostly dwarf appeared and the living and dead dwarves began an exchange.

‘I don’t speak dwarf,’ Jaundo whispered to Uzeb.

‘The alive one is seeking knowledge of the treasure of the dead one,’ the wizard whispered back to the fighter.

‘Is the live dwarf getting any answers?’ Jaundo asked.

‘In riddles it seems and our friend here is getting a little irritated,’ Uzeb quietly replied.

A tall mug, well made of oak and bound by enchanted silver, it is obvious that these are examples of old, perhaps lost magic as each is worn and well used.

Benefit: This rugged tankard deals 1d4+1 points of damage in combat as a blunt weapon (favored by some clerics and monks) and when filled with the most popular local drink (which may or may not be alcoholic) will allow the owner of the tankard to invoke a spirit of someone or something sapient that died in that area and ask three questions of them. There is an ancient tradition of politeness that goes with this magic item and any disrespect or coercion given towards the invoked spirit will cause that spirit to manifest on the Material Plane as a Spectre. If the spirit is not disrespected and leaves on good terms up to four individuals may drink from the tankard and gain +1 to all rolls for 1d4 hours.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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