[New Monster] Raptorial Giant

Raptorial Giant

‘This mountain pass is secret, it will get us to our destination faster,’ Stonebones the dwarf told Bakra-do.

The human only frowned in return; the high mountain winds were harsh and unforgiving.

‘Let’s make for those trees yonder, they look like a great place to camp,’ suggested Stonebones.

Without warning several boulders landed amongst the adventurers and a large hawk-headed humanoid lurched out of the cover of the trees to shriek something at them while waving its long arms wildly about.

‘On second thought, maybe we should just forge ahead, I forgot about them,’ Stonebones yelled over the howling winds.

Bakra-do’s frown turned into a grimace as he scrambled ahead on the treacherous mountain path away from the bizarre hawk-headed giants only to see a trio of large eagles circling overhead.

Stonebones grinned in embarrassment at the predicament.

Raptorial Giant: AC 3 [+16], HD 6 (27 hp), Att 1 claw (1d6) or boulder (2d6), THAC0 12 [+7], MV 150′ (50′), SV D 9 W10 P11 B12 S13 (7), ML 10, AL Neutral, XP 150, NA 1d4 (2d8), TT E+ 2500 gold pieces ▶Long Arms: Used to climb quickly and to grasp prey, +2 to Hit in combat. Boulder throwing: Up to 150′. Companions: 1d4 Giant Eagles or Owls (80% chance in trees nearby).

These strange hawk-headed giants have feathered bodies with long arms instead of wings. About ten to twelve feet tall, these lithe creatures live in the boughs of great trees in high alpine mountainous forests, although they do sometimes come down to lower elevations for foraging and raiding. While Neutral these odd giants do not like humans and will often at least mock them loudly if not attacking outright. It is not uncommon for giant eagles or owls (one or the other, but not both) to not only protect the lairs of these giants but to also accompany them on hunting excursions.

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  1. Dick says:

    6HD but only averaging 11hp? Surely that’s a typo, yeah?

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