[New Magic Item] Goblin Eye Shield

Goblin Eye Shield

Gnab the goblin was getting frustrated.

‘Go left, go right,’ it grumbled to itself. The other goblins were starting to worry. The great warrior among them was talking to himself.

He saw the looks on their faces.

‘Do you want strange voice in your head telling you what to do?’ he shrieked at the others who all looked even more concerned.

Gnab regained his composure suddenly.

‘Treasure? Nearby?’ he squeaked happily. The voice was never wrong.

Not far away Murgi and Olhmi sat in a tavern, Olhmi was deep in thought.

‘I wish I would have gotten that shield attutned to me,’ the thief sulked.

‘Shush, you would have gotten the goblin killed each time, I have only lost two so far,’ the priestess replied triumphantly.

We have all seen them. Goblins that bear shields with stylized eyes on them sometimes even orcs carry them. Why if not in a world where magic rings rule? See below.

Benefit: Anyone with a Wisdom of 12+ can link to up to five of these shields via a short ritual that also give a +1 to the bearer’s AC. The one linking to the shield can see through the eye on the shield and also can use ESP up to five times per day, in any combination among shield bearers (four uses to one, one instance to another, etc.) to give information, suggestions, orders, and so on. The bearer of the shield can strike with a bonus that is reflected in the Wisdom modifier of the one seeing through the shield rather than their own.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a shield or link to someone who can.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Goblin Eye Shield

  1. Dick says:

    I used something like that with a necromancer a few years back. His skeletons all carried shields with stylized eyes on them and he could see through them, direct their actions at a distance, and even cast some spells (gaze attack/mind control stuff) from the eyes.

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