[New Magic Item] Berserker’s Spear

Berserker’s Spear

Bakra-do and Falwin eyed each other suspiciously just outside the tavern.

‘There is a price on your head in Nalaj,’ Falwin the elf bounty hunter said.

‘Are you going to collect on it?’ inquired Bakra-do as he loosened his two short swords in their scabbards.

‘It is definitely worth my time,’ repled the elf as he ready his spear.

Before the human could unsheath his swords the elf threw the spear high over the human’s head and it landed behind him.

The mercenary chuckled.

‘You are getting rusty,’ he said commented to no one. Falwin was gone.

Before Bakra-do could spin around the charging grizzly was upon him, uttering a roar that caused all onlookers to run for their lives.

A stout oaken spear with runes along the shaft. A large, sharp fang is secured to the business end with leather twine.

Benefit: In combat this spear deals 1d8 damage. When thrown purposely passed an opponent and sticking into the ground (90% chance on soft earth) the spear transforms its bearer into a raging bear behind the oppoent that was just facing them. Use stats for a 5HD grizzly bear, 2d8 bear hug damage applies. In bear form the first attack is +2 to hit due to surprise.This transformation lasts for one turn and then the owner of the spear returns to normal standing next to the spear.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a spear.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Berserker’s Spear

  1. Dick says:

    Might be a good trick for getting past fortifications like trenchworks, palisade or a wooden stockade. Lob it over a defender and pop in behind them on the wrong side of the defenses. Not so good in a dungeon with low ceilings and stone floors.

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