[New Monster] Raznafir, Shadow Djinn

Raznafir-Shadow Djinn

‘I do not like this place,’ the torchbearer said with fear in his voice.

‘You are safe with me,’ replied the illusionist known as the Poisoner of Minds from within his own mysterious robes.

‘Something moved out there in the darkness!’ screeched another henchman as he pointed at the shadows.

‘Maybe it is just the flickering of our torches,’ suggested a hired sword.

‘Oh, I very much doubt that. Certainly there are things moving in the shadows,’ the illusionist said.

From beyond the light of the torches an ancient, raspy voice was heard.

‘And who disturbs me in my shrouds of darkness.’

The illusionist stepped forward amd motioned for the other henchmen to grab torches to surround the voice in the depths.

Raznafir-Shadow Djinn: AC 4 [+15], HD 7 (31hp), Att 1 claw (1d6+2) or bite (2d4), magic, THAC0 11 [+8], MV 150′ (50′), SV D 8 W 9 P10 B11 S12 (8), ML 12, AL Chaotic, XP 1150, NA 1 (1d4), TT E+ 2500 gold pieces ▶Hide in Shadows: Surprises on a 1-5 (d6) if attacking from shadows. Summon Shadows: Can summon 1d4 Shadows once per day for three hours. Teacher of Illusions: Knows all Illusion magic as a 10th level Illusionist. May grant one individual an Illusionist spell as a spell ability useable once per day.

Creepy, shadowy figures that move very fast and despise being captured, these lesser djinn are still quite formidable opponents. If cornered and held at bay by magic or the best option; natural sources of light, the creature can be compelled to grant one an illusionist’s magic. Once the shadow djinn escapes it can be a relentless opponent, often acting from afar at first as it eerily closes in on its foes.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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