[New Magic Item] Pegasus Saddle

Pegasus Saddle

The shadow sped over the land again, causing Uzeb the Wise and Jaundo to seek shelter from the aerial creature as the sun obscured its shape only a distorted shadow could be seen circling over them.

‘A giant condor?’ the mercenary asked.

‘Or maybe a small dragon?’ the wizard suggested.

The shadow grew bigger as the thing descended.

‘Uzeb the Wise!’ a voice called out from the sky that caused the sorcerer to pause a moment.

Moments later a flying horse landed with an elf warrior on its back.

‘I have been seeking you for days, wise one. My leader tells me that you know something about the Fate of Zixin and that person has been found to be near,’ the elf said as his mount’s wings disappeared and the pegasus seemed a normal horse again.

Uzeb scanned the countryside and focused on a faraway mountain range.

‘We must hasten to those mountains to try to stop him!’ Uzeb said.

The elf nodded.

‘I will catch up to you with reinforcements tomorrow, start your journey there now,’ the elf said and was off, this time galloping at full speed towards a nearby stand of trees.

This well made saddle of leather and steel has gold and silver designs that shine brightly in the light of the sun. Never sold a saddle such as this may be loaned out to a worthy champion or even more rarely gifted to a Mighty Hero or Heroine to help them overcome a formidable obstacle.

Benefit: Twice per day a saddled horse may be transformed into a robust pegasus for up to three hours each use of the ability. The pegasus has the following attributes: Movement: 180′ (60′) Fly: 360′ (120′), Armor Class: 6, Hit Dice: 4, Attacks: 2, Damage: 1d6+1/1d6+1 (hooves) or 1d4+1 (bite), Save: F3 and will only allow a Lawful or Neutral rider, any Chaotic individual that wants to use this saddle will be attacked. Rumor does have it that there is a Chaotic version of the saddle that allows one to transform their mount into a Pegasus Vulgaris (q.v).

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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