[New Monster] Quallit


Jaundo stumbled forward as something thumped against his helmeted head. As he turned to look up another struck him in the face, his helmet sent flying. Uzeb the Wise looked up too. Against the afternoon sun small dark shapes buzzed and flew about.

‘Another one!’ Jaundo shouted as two of the creatures struck him, this time knocking him prone.

Uzeb cast a spell that caused the shadows to engulf the two adventurers and hopefully obscure the vision of their diminutive attackers.

‘Now scurry for cover,’ Uzeb urged as the area around them was pelted by the creatures heavily. One more struck Jaundo before the two found a rock outcropping to hide under.

‘Why are they attacking so violently?’ the mercenary asked as he slipped his helmet back on.

‘I am not sure, maybe they are hungry, it seems most creatures would move away if they had to deal with that all the time,’ the wizard replied.

Jaundo shivered as the odd little things ran for cover after hitting the ground.

‘What else will we need to contend with in this creepy land?’ the fighter asked aloud hoping not to get a reply.

Quallit: AC 6 [+13], HD 1* (5 hp), Att 1 claw (1d4) or bite (1d4) or drop 1d8 (see below), THAC0 19 [0], MV 10′ (3′)/ Flying 120′ (40′), SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S15 (Elf 1), ML 7, AL Chaotic, XP 25, NA 1d4 (2d12), TT Ax2 ▶ Drop: When a quallit is 15′-20′ above an opponent it can tuck itself into a ball and fall earthward, dealing 1d8 points of damage due to its spikes, yet taking no damage itself. Swarm: Alarge group of up to twenty-five quallits can rain down on up to five opponents using their ‘drop’ ability with each opponent taking 4d6 hit points of damage, leaving the creatures themselves unharmed. Curse/Dispel Curse: Once per day a quallit may Curse and individual or Remove Curse. Being Chaotic getting one to remove a curse is more challenging normally.

Among the smallest of the UnSeelie Court, the quallit appear like small hedgehogs with malicious faces and wings like a beetle which can be folded and tucked under the sharp spikes of the creature’s body in the same way a beetle protects its wings with a thick carapace. Malicious and devious, these little monsters enjoy dropping on opponents to pummel them to death and feast upon their corpses. It is not unheard for a swarm of these creatures to waylay a small group of peasants and leave their bones to bleach in the sun the next day. Often make their nests in the upper rafters of barns, in belfrys, etc.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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