[New Magic Item-Cursed] Klodi’s Cursed Boots

Klodi’s Cursed Boots

As the dwarf fighter returned to the small cottage he noticed an odd sight; a pair of boots on the floor next to a table and chair full of coins. There was no sign of Bakra-do, although the boots looked liked the pair they had found while adventuring some time ago. Unable to help himself, the dwarf naturally poured the coins onto the table and counted them as he waited for his adventuring companion to return. Just as he placed the last coin on its stack Bakra-do appeared, shoeless, next to the table.

‘Were you counting those coins for me, or for you?’ the mercenary asked.

‘I was just counting them. Where did they go?’ asked the astonished dwarf who was confused by the recent events. Bakra-do jerked a thumb towards himself and smirked.

‘The coins became me,’ he said.

Even more confused the dwarf threw his arms in the air.

‘We’ve been in this blasted town for too long, it is time for adventure!’ the dwarf blurted out.

‘That I heartily agree too. Let’s gift these boots to a rich merchant first and keep an eye on him,’ suggested Bakra-do.

Well made leather boots with magical inscriptions up the sides. Radiate magic that seems vague and powerful.

Benefit: As the second boot is placed upon the receiving foot the wearer is immediately transformed into a pile of silver and gold coins equal to the value of what they were carrying at the time. These coins fill the shoes first and then spill over. This curse may be reversed in one of two ways; either through the spell Dispel Curse or if an individual counts the coins into neat stacks, the instant all coins are counted the cursed individual returns to their natural form. If the coins are dispersed for more than one day the person dies.

Usable by: Anyone.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item-Cursed] Klodi’s Cursed Boots

  1. Dick says:

    Huh. There’s got to be a way to exploit that. Do the boots only base their valuation of the victim on the actual sliver and gold coinage they have on them, or does it also count any gems, valuable gear, artwork, etc. that they’re carrying? Do they make change for platinum or add together your coppers for you? Do they magically adjust for devalued coinage, counterfeits, shaved and clipped coins and similar shenanigans? Does the curse adjust for the numismatic value of rare coinage? For that matter, do the coins it creates look like modern local coinage, or something more exotic? Maybe even based on the nature of the victim? Be super creepy if every coin had the victim’s face on it, and maybe some appropriate heraldry or symbol on the reverse.

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  2. Dick says:

    Ah, I got one. Take a whole bunch of sellsword hirelings, have them ditch all their coinage except two pieces of silver, then put on the boots one at a time. Even the boots do count value of weapons, armor, etc. toward the conversion you shouldn’t wind up with much of a pile for anyone, and it might be as few as two coins if the boots really do just look at just the coins. Take each pile of coins and stick them in a separate small pouch – maybe make custom ones (or a custom money belt) that have a little sub-pocket that can store a single coin apart from the others so there’s no chance of accidentally “stacking” the coins in transit. Take your small army of coin-soldiers and go someplace where they could be useful. Infiltrate a fort or walled settlement as a lone tradesman, join a wealthy caravan where your troops can overpower the guards while out in the wilderness, heck, just bring spare easily transported backup minions for a dungeon delve where having dozens of troops at once would draw too much opposition too fast. When you get some alone time, stack as many soldiers as desired back together and go a-looting.

    If only coins count, there’s a lot of potential for smuggling too. Have your porter carry two coins and a fortune in whatever illegal stuff you’re trying to slip past customs, convert him to coins and walk him over the border as pocket change.

    Or be less awful and do something more legit with them. You could carry an entire army as coinage far faster and more easily than a large body of men could hope to march, and they won’t consume any supplies during transit. Great way to cross a desert or wasteland that would otherwise be an impassable barrier. Just don’t take more than a week to get where you’re going, although you could do it in stages – travel for six days, stack everyone back into being someplace reasonably private, then reverse the process with the timer reset. If time passes for the transformed victims, they might need to eat some rations and get a good drink while they’re at it, but it’s still going to use less resources than walking there.

    Just don’t get robbed while executing any of these cunning plans, and if (gods help you) the coins get mixed together expect to spent a lot of time doing trial-and-error stacking. Real problem if the coins are getting near that one week cutoff and there’s a lot of them involved, and even worse if we’re not talking two-coin stacks because gear value counts.

    Still a wonderfully exploitable “curse” there. A pair of these things could be the foundation of a legendary thieves’ guild, or the downfall of a kingdom.

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    • bät says:

      Great ideas all around, I really like the one about the victim’s face being on all of the coins, that would definitely help out in a ‘worst case’ scenario. I had intended that all carried items at that time would be converted to their value in coins, it is sometimes difficult to be precise and concise at the same time. I appreciate all of your feedback on this very much. It was actually inspired by my paranoid players encountering a pair of Boots of Levitation filled with coins.


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