[New Spell] Strange Hand of Sinta

Strange Hand of Sinta

‘Where is that bizarre construct?’ Jaundo asked as he regained his senses from the staggering blow the thing had dealt to him.

‘Not here for the moment,’ replied Uzeb the Wise after casting a powerful spell that moved the creature out of sight.

‘What is that heavy thud and pounding sound?’ the fighter asked.

‘Our cue to become scarce before that thing tears down a couple of walls and we have to face it aagain. We need backup,’ replied the wizard.

Without further prompting Jaundo began moving in the opposite direction of the loud banging sounds, deeper into the dungeon depths.

Strange Hand of Sinta (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 30′ radius +5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous.

When cast this spell creates a titanic ethereal hand that only the caster can see. This hand can move one creature up to the size of an ogre anywhere within the radius of the spell, even out of the line of sight of the caster, OR this spell can be used to sweep up to six individuals up to Medium size either closer to or further away from the caster up to 10′ OR may be used to Trip one creature of any Size. In all cases a Save versus Spells with a -2 modifier is required to resist this spell. Even incorporeal undead are affected by this magic.

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1 Response to [New Spell] Strange Hand of Sinta

  1. Dick says:

    That would be a good one for one of the more oddball wizards in one of my old groups. His spells were mostly hand-themed (which was more inspired by a character from Zelazny’s Changing Land than Bigby, oddly enough) and he was always on the lookout for more. The GM let him re-skin his magic missiles so the projectiles were all flying fists, and his fireball was a burning gauntlet that expanded as it flew and then exploded. Kind of a neat idea, and he certainly picked a good place to draw inspiration from, that was one of Zelazny’s more enjoyable reads.


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