[New Magic Item] Sarjaph’s Blade

Sarjaph’s Blade

Murgi and the ogre mercenary were deep in talks when Olhmi the priestess caught up with the thief.

‘What are you doing?’ Olmhi asked, astonished that the two were not locked in battle.

‘Negotiating safe passage here, if you can purify some food and water for his tribe that is,’ the thief replied.

Olmhi gladly offered to aid the monstrous humanoids, there was no way the two humans could have withstood an onslaught even if they wanted to.

As Murgi and the ogre concluded their discussion and shook hands the thief beamed with pride.

‘I am not the only one who can negotiate,’ he said smiling widely.

‘Just don’t lose that sword you found, it might keep us out of more trouble in the future,’ advised the priestess.

‘Yeah, found,’ Murgi said as he looked over his shoulder with a weak laugh.

Olmhi pretended not to notice these last gestures of the thief.

Also known as ‘The Diplomat’s Blade‘ this ornate short sword is very handy in dangerous environments, as long as opponents speak a language. Use it to live to fight another day here and there.

Benefit: The wielder of this short sword deals 1d4+2 hit points of damage and in addition may, once per day, be able to understand and speak the language (if any) of all facing them for one turn (ten minutes). In addition, twice per day the sword may be used to read unknown, even magical, languages, as per the respective spells (Read Languages/Read Magic). While an understanding is conveyed spellcasting ability is NOT conferred to the bearer of the sword, although they understand the spell, what it is and what it does.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a short sword.

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