[New Magic Item] Beehive Bow

Beehive Bow

It took Bakra-do a few moments to hear the muffled sounds of Stonebones screaming for help. Spinning on his heels he saw the dwarf struggling with a beehive on his head. He helped the dwarf remove the thing and it seemed to fade into nothingness.

‘There is an elf with some cursed bow in the trees,’ Stonebones snarled, his face swollen from multiple bee stings.

Rushing into the pines with both short swords drawn Bakra-do took an arrow to one shoulder, another was deflected and hit a tree before the elf fled from the area, melting into the forest silently.

Returning to the clearing the human noticed that there was a golden sap running from the spot where the arrow hit the cedar tree. He paused a moment and tasted it, feeling refreshed.

Bakra-do, on a hunch, called the dwarf over to the tree.

‘There may be an uninttended benefit to the third arrow shot at us from that bow,’ he told Stonebones as the dwarf’s tasted the strange honey oozing from the cedar and noticed that the swelling from the bee stings immediately went away and he felt better.

A well crafted bow with intricately carved bees on its limbs. Useful on long overland journeys.

Benefit: In combat this bow causes all arrows to be +1 to Hit and Damage (1d6+1). In addition, on a natural to Hit roll of 16+ a beehive (bereft of honey) will appear on the head of the one struck, causing a swarm of angry bees to sting for an additional 1d4 points of damage per round until removed (which requires a successful Strength attribute check), when the beehive disappears. If an arrow strikes bare earth or a tree’s trunk it will cause a healing honey to emerge that heals 1d4 hit points per sip, roughly 1d12+2 sips worth of honey appear.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a bow.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Beehive Bow

  1. Dick says:

    Versatile, but the amount of healing is way too much under most circumstances unless you limit the number of times you can generate honey somehow (once per day, or X charges, or limit how many times per day a creature can benefit). As written, on average you’re getting a bit more than 16 HP back just by pulling a bowstring, and that’s bigfooting the party’s actual healers like mad. Just aren’t that many times when you can’t find a tree or bare earth to shoot at – even in a dungeon you can probably find some of the latter with a pick and shovel.

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    • bät says:

      And you bring up a great point. I was thinking of an artifact level item for this and with my group at least, the healer isn’t always there or has dropped, therefore the group needs to stay on their feet.


      • Dick says:

        Oh, as an artifact, sure, that’s reasonable. Whole different kettle of fish there. Just don’t forget to include some weird hassles associated with using its powers and all sorts of random greedy lunatics trying to steal the thing from them. 🙂


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