[New Monster] Stonecap Dragon

Stonecap Dragon

Bakra-do looked around for the dwarf, where had he gone this time?

Seeing a cloud of dust the mercenary hurried through the ruins to see a large beige lizard thrashing around, a odd stone disk seemingly part of its head. A dagger suddenly emerged from the beast’s side as the dwarf carved his way out of the thing.

Despite himself the human laughed.

‘What’s so funny?’ Stonebones asked as he wiped blood off of himself.

‘I am just wondering what you will get into next, you are a magnet for trouble,’ replied Bakra-do.

Stonecap Dragon: AC 4 [+15], HD 5 (22hp), Att 1 claw (1d6) or bite (1d8), tail slash (see below), THAC0 16 [+3], MV 120′ (40′), SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (2), ML 9, AL Chaotic, XP 250, NA 1 (1d8), TT C ▶ Surprise: On a 1-3, due to being underfoot. Swallow whole: Creatures of medium size or smaller on a to Hit result of 18+, victim takes 1d6 points of damage per round until the capstone dragon is killed. A dagger is -3 to hit while instead the creature. Body digested eight turns after death.Tail Slash: When surprised a victim is struck by the creature’s tail for 1d6+1 points of damage if flipped back over the creature’s body.

More a giant clever lizard than an actual dragon, this monster finds a large stone tile that fits atop its head and that eventually becomes a part of the creature and its camouflage as it hides underground, burying itself much like a stingray does, waiting for someone to inspect or step on the stone tile or disk so that it can attack. Several of these creatures often lair in one area waiting for prey, making a strange, if interesting array of stone tiles or disks to lure in victims. Halflings, gnomes, dwarves and elves are favorite meals.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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