[New Spell] Your Life On A Leaf

Your Life On A Leaf

Jaundo clutched at his heart as the sun rose and cried out in pain.

‘The third day!’ he exclaimed.

‘You are being very dramatic,’ observed Uzeb the Wise.

‘You would be too if a fiend of a druid were draining you of life,’ countered the mercenary.

‘Ah, but is he a fiend or just someone that you cheated on a game of cards with?’ inquired the sorcerer.

Jaundo hung his head in despair then he looked up at the huge maple tree full of leaves.

‘My freedom from this dread magic is there, somewhere,’ he said.

‘I cannot help you look, the druid said that it would make it harder to find your leaf,’ Uzeb commented.

‘I think the druid lied about that, but maybe better that just I look,’ Jaundo said as he carefully began climbing the tree, bereft of hope of finding a leaf with a cypher of him on it.

Your Life On A Leaf(Druid)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: One week or until dispelled.

This spell transfers a bit of the life essence of the target in the shape of a rune or cypher onto a leaf (or needle) on a tree within one mile per level of the caster. Each day for one week (seven days) the target transfers a roll of their hit dice for class/race into hit points given to the leaf. This reduction cannot be healed, yet can be returned when the spell ends or is dispelled and is in addition to any other hit points lost while adventuring, falling, etc. If the leaf or needle is found with their cypher/rune on it (1% chance on first day with an accumulative 1% per day, 7% maximum) then the leaf must be eaten and the spell is dispelled immediately. It is not unknown for several druids to use one tree to cause confusion among those searching for their leaf.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Your Life On A Leaf

  1. Dick says:

    That’s pretty fatal for characters under 8th level, especially if the victim doesn’t have a Con bonus. Does being subjected to the spell at least give the an idea which tree they need to search, or is that part of the crazy low % chance already? Is there a modifier for more or less appropriate terrain – easier on a steppe with only a few trees around, harder in a dense forest?

    Be interesting if someone else could find the leaf and devour it to gain the HP its stolen, either temporarily or permanently. Does the spell end early of someone other than the victim finds/destroys/eats the leaf?

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    • bät says:

      It one rolls ‘1’s each day they might be okay unless a wizard or other 1st-2nd level race/class. At least you have a chance, unlike a spell like: Powerword:Death. One can try to reason with the caster, although it is kind of a FAAFO spell.


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