[New Magic Item] Candle Monsters

Candle Monsters

The Scholar of Wexos held his lantern high in the deepening dusk.

‘Any more of them?’ asked Bakra-do.

‘No, I believe that was the last of them, for now at least,’ replied the illusionist.

The mercenary sheathed his weapons and began searching the ruined lodge, moments later he grunted and picked up a trio of burned out candles that he showed to the Scholar of Wexos.

‘What do you make of these?’ Bakra-do asked.

The illusionist inspected the candles and clucked his tongue, a gesture that puzzled the mercenary. What it excitement or fear in that sound?

‘It means we have a very clever adversary that found magic that is mostly the stuff of legends,’ answered the illusionist.

Very valuable, if temporary magic from the Plane of Shadows. Hide these well and away from a draft when lit!

Benefit: Each enchanted candle, when lit, will summon a crouching, creepy, shadowy version of a demi-human or humanoid of no more than 2+2 Hit Dice each. These shades obey the one who lit the candle and will even fight (as a 2nd level Fighter) to the ‘death’, which, for them is merely a return to Shadow or steal/spy on others as a 3rd level Thief.. Each candle burns for three turns (thirty minutes) unless a gust of wind, rush of water or they are snuffed out by other means in which case the summoned shadowy entity dissipates immediately. Bright light gives each candle monster a -2 to all rolls. There are rumors of even greater Monster Candles that will last for one hour, summon 4HD shadowy creatures and that cannot be put out, but these are just rumors.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Candle Monsters

  1. Dick says:

    Add legends of an artifact-level everburning shadow candle that’s guarded/served by a full-blown shadow dragon who may or may not be the product of the candle’s flame, with suitable other weird powers as you’d expect from a relic of this kind of (possibly mythical) power.

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