[New Spell] Tree Transformation

Tree Transformation

Knat frowned as she looked upon the apple tree deep in her private grove. The haggard and bloodied elf and dwarf looked at each other.

‘What is wrong?’ asked the elf.

‘A rat! Or mole,’ she replied as she dug a small trowel out of a satchel at her side and knelt beside the apple tree.

‘Don’t worry, once I deal with this I will have you boys patched up,’ Knat continued as she dug furiously among the tree roots and then gasped and pulled out a rather large rat by the tail. The druidess murmured an incantation and the rat suddenly sprouted batlike wings and flew off to other haunts as the plums on the tree gradually turned to gold.

Tree Transformation(Druid)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: Permanent.

When cast upon any type of tree the druid may transform that particular tree into any kind of fruit tree that will bear a golden fruit that heals an individual of 1d6 points of damage per day regardless of how much fruit that they eat. Fruit will last for two months when ripe. There is a 10% chance each month that an underground burrowing pest (mole, rat, etc) will gnaw at the roots of the tree, damage it and make the fruit mundane, which will cause it to lose its healing powers. Removing this vermin will cause the tree to heal itself and produce golden fruit again. These magically touched trees produce fruit every four months all year long.

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