[New Spell] Ghostly Bindings

Ghostly Bindings

‘I am telling you it is not real,’ insisted Vistis the Blue Mage.

Stork snarled and growled as he fought his bindings.

‘Impossible, who could possibly think that they could do something so simple to me?’ the wizard asked the illusionist.

‘An amateur that doesn’t know who you are. Think on the bindings, disbelieve in them,’ Vistis replied.

As the wizard brought his bound hands before him he saw the bindings quickly fade away to nothing and he was free.

Stork grinned, revealing his shark-like teeth.

‘We need to go hunting for this young illusionist. I wonder how he will walk around after I take off his legs?’ the wizard said in such a sinister manner that Vistis was scared behind his heavily lacquered mask.

Ghostly Bindings (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: Touch.

Duration: One turn per level of caster or until dispelled.

This spell ties hands and/or feet together of one subject with an ethereal cord or strap that is more mental than physical binding. The person tied can ‘feel’ that their hands are tied together when they are actually held together by the idea that they were tied together and an eerily glowing piece of the Ethereal Plane. After the spell elapses the ‘binding’ dissipates and the person feels that they are now free. Trying to cut through the material will not free the subject although they may make a Wisdom attribute roll with a -1 modifier to disbelieve the illusion, which will free their hands and/or feet. Two bipedal persons may have their hands OR feet ‘bound’ at the same time or one individual may have hands and feet tied. Creatures of animal Intelligence receive no save and may be hobbled for one hour per level of the caster with this spell.Strength tests are always futile as this is an illusion that effects the mind.

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