[New Magic item] Gem of Scentlessness and Silence

Gem of Scentlessness and Silence

Uzeb the Wise handed the enchanted gem to Jaundo.

‘You are more spry than I am, take this magical emerald and find us some dinner. Nothing can smell or hear you if you hold it in one hand,’ the sorcerer said.

‘I can still be seen though, right?’ inquired the mercenary as he looked behind the wizard.

‘Yes, the magic will not make you invisible,’ Uzeb replied.

‘Then you hold onto it until we deal with the ogre behind you that apparently wants us for dinner,’ Jaundo said as he pointed at the lumbering hulk behind Uzeb.

The wizard clutched the gem in one hand and disappeared into the underbrush as the ogre prodded the bushes while Jaundo readied his spear.

A large, well cut blue gem, beautiful to the eye. Radiates a faint magic that can be handy.

Benefit: When the fingers of one hand clutch this gem, not too tightly, all sound and scent made by the individual is erased. The indiviual can still be seen and will leave tracks and others signs of being in a particular spot, yet creatures that track by scent and/or have keen hearing cannot detect the person clutching this gem.

Usable by: Anyone.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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