[New Magic Item] Stone Ring

Stone Ring

Murgi looked over the edge of the wall.

‘That is just dirt down there, right?’ the thief asked the priestess.

Olhmi shook her head.

‘Don’t do it. You don’t know how stable that magic is,’ she warned.

Murgi smiled and stood on the edge of the wall. He knelt and curled into a ball, then turned his head and gave her a wink. As he slowly rolled forward he looked to be made of stone. Falling to the earth he struck with a thud and slowly stood up and waved. Slowly he became flesh again.

‘I am fine. I will go get help,’ he shouted to the priestess.

‘You are a fool!’ she shouted back.

‘I am still in one piece,’ Murgi shouted back and then disappeared into the small trees.

This stone ring has a softly glowing ruby set in it of deepest red. Also known as the ‘Golem Ring’ it is handy to have in most circumstances.

Benefit: Twice per day this enchanted ring can transform its wearer into a stone version of themselves. This basically creates a 5HD (22 hp) stone golem for one turn (ten minutes) per transformation or less if the ring’s wearer chooses. Falling from a height onto soft earth, deep water or wood/vegetation causes no damage, yet falling onto metal or solid rock has a 25% of shattering or breaking the stone version of the person causing 4d6 hit points of damage.

Usable by: Anyone.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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