[New Magic Item] Odd Instrument of the Badlands Hobgoblins

Odd Instrument of the Badlands Hobgoblins

It was a chilly autumn night in Drosk when Uzeb the Wise and Jaundo found their way to the Rusted Monster Inn with the loot from their last adventure.

‘Play us a song, minstrel!’ one of the crowd pointing his pipe at the stringed instrument strapped to Jaundo’s back.

‘Well, I don’t know….,’ the fighter began.

‘Play us a song!’ grumbled a surly looking dwarf sitting near the fireplace with three equally gruff looking companions.

Uzeb looked at Jaundo and smirked as the fighter slowly unbuckled the wooden stringed instrument and took his time preparing the bow as the crowd began to get ugly.

Barely a minute in and the crowd were howling for Jaundo to stop, yet he was enjoying his attempt, then the crowd turned on the two adventurers.

‘The ram! Invoke the ram!’ Uzeb urged as he prepared a spell himself and the innkeeper grabbed for something out of sight above the bar.

A ghostly ram appeared, bleated a hideous wailing sound and charged at the mob while Uzeb caused a blinding flash and pulled Jaundo out the door while the crowd shrieked and howled from within the inn.

‘I think I almost have that one tune perfected,’ Jaundo said as they hurried out of Drosk by means other than the main gate.

Four stringed instrument made of hardwood, body a stylized orc skull, top of fretboard adorned with a ram or goat skull, often has a bow. Sounds hideous, yet goblinoids find it melodious.

Benefit: When played this instrument makes a wailing sound that accompanies the stringed ‘music’, although an accomplished player can make a decent sound emanate from it, which requires one Dex and one Wis attribute check. This dreadful sound demoralizes any listeners not allied with the player, making them -2 on all rolls for one turn (ten minutes). In addition, once per day the instrument’s owner may summon a spectral ram or goat that charges for 2d6 damage then dissipates (similar to the effects of a Magic Missile spell).

Usable by: Anyone.

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