[New Magic Item] Jhaut Sticks

Jhaut Sticks

‘We could set up camp under this rock outcropping,’ Murgi suggested.

Olhmi fidgeted.

‘What if we are attacked from up above?’ the priestess asked.

‘Who could see us? Besides, I only have half a dozen of these jhaut sticks, I cannot make an entire circle around us,’ the thief replied.

‘If you didn’t nod off we wouldn’t need those things,’ Olhmi said with a smirk.

‘Well I do so we do,’ Murgi retorted as he unpacked the long stakes and prepared to sink them into the soft earth.

Rounded stakes about two and one half feet tall with an exaggerated face (large eyes, big nostrils, toothy mouth), their creation credited to a hobgoblin wizard. Just because you use these to protect your camp doesn’t mean the smart monsters aren’t doing the same.

Benefit: Sunk about six inches into the ground facing outward these enchanted items activate, scanning before them with darkvision and enhanced olfactory abilities to detect any approaching danger. Any malign being that is within 25′ of a jhaut stick causes it a hideous and disturbing shrieking to emanate from it, acting like a Fear spell and alerting everyone on the reverse side of the stick via sound and vibration in the earth. Each jhaut stick has a 45 degree range of vision and is active for six hours before going dormant for at least six hours to recharge.

Usable by: Anyone.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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