[New Spell] Defeat Your Shadow

Defeat Your Shadow

Zorb the half-orc assassin had been trailing Vistis the Blue Mage and Stork for about a week, looking for vulnerbilities and the best time to get in a kill, for the bounty on these two rogue spellcasters had grown quite impressive.

‘What are you waiting for?’ Stork whispered to the illusionist.

‘He is almost in range of a spell I have been dying to cast,’ Vistis whispered back.

‘Act fast, if you don’t, I will,’ Stork replied.

Suddenly Vistis whipped around as Zorb was crossing the alley. A hideous shriek could be heard, followed by a scream from the assassin.

‘And while he is distracted by his own shadow attacking him?’ Stork inquired.

‘We help the shadow, naturally,’ Vistis replied.

‘Naturally,’ Stork echoed, smiling and revealing his shark-like teeth.

Defeat Your Shadow(Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 15′ +5’/level.

Duration: One turn or until defeated.

With a ghastly shriek one’s own shadow turns on them, probably at an inopportune moment, such as in combat or when trying to be stealthy. The shadow always surprises and if it defeats the one who owns the shadow then that person becomes a shadow under the control of this now malevolent entity and is, in all ways, now a shadow. If the attacking shadow is killed first then the person casts no shadow for 1d4 days until a normal, innocuous shadow forms. If the malevolent ‘master’ shadow is killed the ‘undershadow’ is freed, yet still a shadow, this can be reversed by a Wish, Alter Reality or similar magic.

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