[New Magic Item] Cursed Oar of Prengoss

Cursed Oar of Prengoss

Uzeb the Wise watched as Jaundo negotiated with the ferryman. The wizard grimaced as he saw the latter waving the oar about and offering it to the fighter.

‘We do not have time for this,’ Uzeb finally said. ‘Just pay him, we will be back in a day or two and we will use the horn on the other side of the lake to call you.’

‘You will?’ the ferryman asked.

The wizard nodded and the boatman relented finally and the two passengers boarded the small boat. Jaundo seemed confused, yet a sharp elbow to the ribs from the spellcaster silenced the warrior.

‘Two days?’ the ferryman asked as they disembarked from the boat.

‘Three at most,’ the wizard said before turning to find the path leading into the gloomy pines.

Some time later Jaundo asked if they were returning the way they had come.

‘Not if I can help it,’ the wizard replied. ‘That oarsman would have had you helping him, at least part way, and taking that oar would have put you in his place while he would have been free after who knows how long at the helm of that boat.’

Jaundo shivered.

‘Yeah, we can find another route,’ he said.

A delicate oar made from maple and oak, it is usually attached to a ferryman of some sort. Being in charge of a ferry is sometimes tiring work, won’t you help for just one trip across the river?

Benefit: The bearer of this misenchanted oar is compelled to ferry the boat that it is attached to until they can hand it over to another, who is, in turn, compelled to take up the task. The pilot of the ferry need not eat or drink and does not even age while under this curse, yet is always a little hungry and thirsty and will gladly accept these from fares along with the usual price to cross the body of water that the watercraft sits on. If attacked the bearer of the oar may use it as a weapon, dealing 1d8+1 points of damage although the one cursed to bear it usually is seeking a way to free themselves from the cursed item.

Usable by: Anyone.

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