[New Magic Item] Ten Fur Cloak

Ten Fur Cloak

Knat the druidess rode the majestic elk through the pine and cedar trees as a trio of wolves ran with them. The elk paused a moment and sniffed the air, the wolves did too and then they took off towards a small clearing. Knat squinted at the sight before her; two humans riding a gigantic spider that pulled a small wagon behind it. She urged the elk towards these strange wanderers.

‘Oh, it is you!’ the druidess cried out with a big smile. ‘The last one of the boys left.’

Valance pulled his cloak back with a withered hand and regarded his old friend with a wide smile.

‘You never age, radiant as always,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘And you never cease to frighten others with your tricks. I had heard from several woodcutters that a monster spider was being used by an evil wizard to attack innocent wanderers in the woods,’ Knat replied.

‘There is very little truth in that,’ replied Valance.’But tell me, how do you get wolf and elk to stand together so easily without conflict?’

‘A druidess has her secrets,’ Knat said with a smile of her own as she petted the edge of her enchanted cloak.

This strange hooded cloak has many colors as the fur of many animals has gone into its creation. Each fur given to an Archdruid willingly by an animal already dying to help protect others, two footed, four footed and more footed.

Benefit: The wearer of this magical cloak, when spending one round to concentrate, will not be attacked by any carnivorous beast as the animal will smell a familiar dire version of their own kind. Likewise, more timid animals will not flee as they smell a protecting animal among the furs. Any blend of animals within 25′ are affected and if worn by a druid this magical cloak all animals will be docile in the druid’s presence, to the caster and each other. When in a pack or herd of animals there is a blurring effect that causes all who would attack the group to be -2 to strike in melee or ranged combat. Affects mundane and magical creatures of Animal Intelligence only.

Usable by: Anyone.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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