[New Spell] Pumpkin Noggin Curse

Pumpkin Noggin Curse

Jaundo slumped against the wall, his huge pumkin head staring down at the ground.

‘Come on, let’s make the best of this,’ said Uzeb the Wise.

The pumpkin rolled from side to side, Jaundo was silent.

‘It isn’t forever, I hope,’ the wizard said.

‘This spell was meant for you,’ exclaimed the fighter. ‘You were the one in the magical duel. Now look at me!’

‘It is getting dark, don’t be difficult, let’s put another candle in your head so we don’t trip in the dark,’ Uzeb urged gently.

Jaundo grumbled but eventually opened his jagged mouth and put a candle inside his head which illuminated before him through his eyes, nose and mouth.

Pumpkin Noggin Curse(Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 15’+5’/level.

Duration: One week per level of caster or until dispelled.

The subject of this spell has their head (or heads if mulitple) transform into a large gourd or pumpkin. This instantly blinds the target of the spell until at least one eye is carved into the vegetable head. The recipient of this curse can hear normally, although they also cannot smell or speak. Each sense must be regained via carving a semblance of an eye, nose or mouth, each causes the target to take 1d4 points of damage, so this is not always done at once, although it is sometimes considered a rite of passage to endure this enchantment. If the spell elapses naturally roll 1d20, a result of 1 means that the curse is permanent until dispelled. The insides of this pumpkin can be safely hollowed out with no further harm to the cursed one and a candle placed inside will burn as brightly as a lantern for four hours. While under the curse one does not need to eat, breathe or drink and is not recognizable except by voice. Some get used to it.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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2 Responses to [New Spell] Pumpkin Noggin Curse

  1. Dick says:

    So, five+ weeks of not needing to eat, drink or breathe, and no sensory impairment if you can handle 4d4 damage in dinky 1d4 penny packets. That’s arguably not a curse, it’s a buff. I’d expect to see parties of pumpkin headed adventurers exploring hostile environments where food, drink, or breathable air aren’t readily available. Caravan guards and drivers wouldn’t have to carry provisions, letting the wagons carry more goods or supplies for the draft animals. Ascetic hermits would love this magic. If the spell’s widespread enough people will gradually get used to seeing it, and probably start associating jack-o-lanterns with explorers, foreigners, and adventurers.

    And good lord, every spelljammer crew in the universe would benefit from this enormously. No foul air worries, no need for food or water – hell, you could deliberately let your own air envelope go to deadly if you really want to discourage visitors. If the spell is mostly known only to space-dwellers I’d expect planet-dwellers to have all sorts of myths about how the stars/moons/other worlds are populated by pumpkin-head folk.

    The potential for dodging annoying biological requirements is huge too. Pumpkin-headed mind flayers that don’t need to eat brains? Does apumpkin-head ghoul still crave flesh? A jack-o-vampire that doesn’t need blood? Water-breathers on land, or air-breathers underwater, all with no problems beyond a pumpkin head (which would be hard to keep lit underwater, admittedly). All things to experiment with.

    At least beholders probably wouldn’t allow someone to cast the spell on them. They’d need to take a lot more damage to get all their eyes working, and they’re generally obsessed with how perfect their own form is so trading that off for not needing air/water/food seems unlikely. OTOH, the mental image of a giant floating pumpkin covered with carved eyes is kind of amusing.

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    • bät says:

      Reverse Curse in an inconvenient situation might be the real curse in this case. Not to mention that you still need a ‘face’ in your party to avoid mobs attacking pumpkin headed freaks milling about.


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