[New Magic Item] Dead Giant’s Skulls

Dead Giant’s Skulls

Olhmi sat patiently in the town square next to a petrified Murgi, the thief having been turned to stone by a thrown skull of a dead stone giant bandit. After one full day he reverted back to his fleshy self.

‘And another thing,’ the thief stated and then he looked around to see only Olhmi.

‘They are gone, long gone, and they took that nasty skull with them,’ the priestess said.

‘That was a bit nightmarish, not being able to move,’ the thief admitted as he stretched his aching muscles.

‘At least that was just the skull, I have heard that getting hit by a giant’s big leg bone is even worse,’ Olhmi said with a hint of fear in her voice.

It is believed that bones retain magic, even if their owner’s are long gone. This is true of giants, long after their spirits have left their skeletons far behind.

Benefit: It is well known that giant’s like throwing stones and boulders, its is not as well known that their skulls can be used for this same purpose as follows:

  • A fire giant’s skull deals damage as a 4d6 fireball.
  • A hill giant’s skull is like a 3d6 boulder.
  • A frost giant’s skull deals 3d6 damage and freezes the target in place, encased in ice.
  • A cloud giant’s skull deals 4d6 damage and knocks the target and up to four individuals with them over with a gust of wind.
  • A stone giant’s skull deals 3d6+2 damage and the victim has a 75% chance of being turned to stone for one day.
  • A storm giant’s skull deals 5d6 electrical damage, as from a mighty lightning bolt. Keep in mind that if the target is aware of this attack they may attempt to catch the skull (Dex check with a -2 modifier). Those who make this attribute check may throw the skull back.

Usable by: Anyone with at least a 12 Strength.

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