[New Monster] Krizla, Lake or River Wyrm

Krizla, River or Lake Wyrm

The strange reptilian creature shrugged its tiny shoulders, revealing tiny palms.

‘That is the price to cross the bridge,’ the river wyrm said to the thief.

‘I thought the troll in the canyon charged a lot!’ Murgi complained as he searched through his pouches and pockets to pay the toll.

Paid in full the krizla nodded and smiled and slowly sank into the water.

‘This was the path you chose,’ Olhmi said innocently as she walked passed Murgi and crossed the bridge.

Krizla, River or Lake Wyrm: AC 4 [+15], HD 4 (18hp), Att bite (1d6+1) and see below, THAC0 16 [+3], MV 120′ (40′) swim SV D11 W12 P13 B13 S14 (4), ML 8, AL Neutral, XP 75, NA 1 (1d4), TT D ▶ Paralysing Bite:On a successful bite attack the krizla may inject a poison, Save vs Poison or be paralyzed for 1d4 turns.

Lake and river wyrms are the eyes and ears of various freshwater deities and spirits, relaying messages and guarding minor temples or crossings. Like long-snouted sleek dragons these wyrms keep a sharp eye on the waters they protect. Has two stubby front legs, a mouth full of sharp teeth and a paralyzing bite. Speaks a rough version of Common and a fluent version of the language of aquatic creatures. Tactics include extolling tolls for crossing bridges close to the surface of the water and overturning small boats of the noncompliant.

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