[New Magic Item] Sea Pirate’s Helm

Sea Pirate’s Helm

‘Nobody makes it through the Gnashing Rocks, the sea gods and goddesses have set many monsters in that area to vex any of us from trying, your ship would be reduced to splinters!’ barked Zaxio the Persistent.

With a wry smile Flidge flicked the pointy helmet on his head with one hand.

‘I did and my crew can verify this,’ Flidge said calmly.

The attending trio of crewmen all nodded and mumbled agreement.

Zaxio the Persistent, having honestly earned the moniker, pushed further.

‘If you did, then take me with you the next time you go,’ he demanded.

Flidge smiled broadly.

‘Certainly, you are invited to see for yourself,’ he replied.

Something wasn’t right here, Zaxio could sense it, yet not quite put his finger on it.

‘Men, we have found our sacrifice for the safe travel back through the Gnashing Rocks,’ Flidge told his crewmen ina language Zaxio could not make out.

But he was concerned at their grinning faces.

And odd looking helm that is really a large enchanted seashell with cloth to make it comfortable to wear. Handy when on the water and still useful on land, if a bit of a conversation piece.

Benefit:  When worn this ‘shelmet’ confers a +1 to AC to the wearer’s head and allows the wearer to speak a type of language that is similar to that of a thief’s cant. This tongue, when the helm is worn, can be spoken and understood by those on the ship that the wearer desires. In addition intelligent sea monsters can be encouraged to negotiate with a 75% chance of successfully convincing them not to attack a seagoing vessel or attack those either aboard or stranded in the water and the creatures may also defend/help those stranded or being attacked by unintelligent sea life. On land (or freshwater) the language ability still works but is reduced to three individuals.

Usable by: Anyone.

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