[New Magic Item] Kobold Dragon Tooth Spear

Kobold Dragon Tooth Spear

Jaundo howled in pain as the snickering kobold jabbed him with its spear. The human lashed out with his own spear, which the small monster deftly avoided, barking with glee.

‘Did you think it wouldn’t hurt, being stabbed by a spear?’ Uzeb asked in the heat of battle.

Jaundo scowled and rubbed his arm, that spear seemed to have given the fighter a jolt of electricity, like a tiny lightning bolt, when it hit his flesh.

‘That is no ordinary weapon, it is ensorceled!’ exclaimed the fighter.

Uzeb cast his spell and a half dozen of the diminiutive creatures yawned lazily as the sleep spell crept over them.

‘Take it away from him then, he is small enough,’ the wizard grumbled as he noticed that the kobold harassing Jaundo was not effected by the spell.

The fighter howled again as another lucky hit by the spear caused shocking damage.

‘If I cast a Fireball in this room we are all getting cooked,’ Uzeb said frankly.

‘That would save the shame of admitting defeat by a kobold,’ the fighter sighed as he prepared his next strike.

Kobolds are sneaky little creatures, even moreso when using magic, like these enchanted spears made with the found teeth of various dragons. Ash and tooth, bound by enchantment, has cost many a suddenly surprised adventurer their live down in the dungeons depths or deep in wicked forests.

Benefit: These smallish spears (perfect for a halfling, gnome or even a dwarf) each deal 1d4 damage in combat unless the wielder rolls a critical hit of 19 or 20 on a d20. When this happens the enchantment is awakened and the spear deals an additional 1d6 in damage in accordance with the type of dragon’s tooth that is the business end of the spear; a black dragon’s tooth deals acid damage, a green deals poison damage, red is fire damage, blue electricity, and of course white is cold damage.

Kobold Champions (3+HD) can invoke the extra damage each and every attack that hits and were probably meant to wield these spears in the first place.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a spear.

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