[New Magic Item] Crown of the Toadfolk

Crown of the Toadfolk

‘Down, down, down in the dell.

Where the giant and ever hungry slugs dwell,

There is a very dark and very deep well,

And in that well there is a shiny golden crown!

Such a beautiful crown, it will bring your spirits down!’

—-gnomish warning near the last known location of the crown

A shiny, bright golden crown with tall spikes all around it making it look almost like a caricature of a crown. Gaudy and covered in gems it would look funny if you just tried it on, right? Go on, try it.

Benefit: This cursed crown was made to lure humans, demi-humans and even monstrous humanoids into wearing it. Anyone picking it up must make a Wisdom attribute check with a -1 modifier. Success on this roll means that the individual may handle the crown normally for that day. Failure means that the inividual rushes to put the crown on their head. This causes toadfolk to come out of the woodwork at a rate of 1d6+2 per day to follow their ruler in every climate save arctic. The followers of the crown are fairly incompetent, brash, and foolhardy. And often abject cowards. Only a Wish or Remove Curse spell will allow the wearer to get rid of the thing.

Usable by: Anyone.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Crown of the Toadfolk

  1. Dick says:

    I foresee some slaver using this thing to get a slow but steady supply of self-delivering “merchandise” for sale, although there is the question of how much demand there is for toad-folk slaves in the first place. Or an alchemist who’s happy to have a ready source of whatever bits of toad-folk are useful in crafting poisons and potions and the like. Evil people have a lot more options for making lemonade out of this particular lemon.

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