[New Magic Item] Hovel of Necessity

Hovel of Necessity

Jaundo stood in the clearing looking puzzled.

‘What’s wrong?’ inquired Uzeb the Wise.

‘I could have sworn that the gnome herbalist had set up a little hut here,’ the fighter replied.

Uzeb pointed to a well worn path among the grass.

‘Looks like he moved,’ the wizard observed.

Jaundo retrieved a map from a satchel and unfolded it.

‘I see now, my mistake,’ Jaundo said chuckling to himself.

Now the wizard was curious and his face said so.

‘It is after the Day of the Dread Dragon yet before Wyvern Winterfest, that means that the herbalist has his little house down by the Brook of Nightingales,’ explained the fighter.

Uzeb scrunched up his face in annoyance yet threw out an arm for them to carry on down towards the famously loud rushing waters only very faintly heard in the distance.

Strips of willow, yew or ash wood that have been enchanted by a druid or similar spellcaster associated with nature. Maybe not the best shelter, yet better than nothing in a pinch.

Benefit: As one of these enchanted strips of wood is tied into a knot it produces a small wattle and daub hovel before the ‘knot maker’. A rudimentary hearth and chimney is included although the building is quite small; one or two human sized individuals may stay comfortably inside, three is a squeeze and four will feel like sardines. No firewood or kindling is provided, so to many this is far less than a ‘wondrous’ magic item, although it will keep the rain and snow at bay and a fire will keep the very small building warm in the coldest of climates. To ‘unmake’ the hovel the knot binding the hovel is simply untied. Building can withstand fifteen hit points of damage before collapsing although the outside is magically flame resistant.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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