[New Magic Item] Fey No See Amulet

Fey No See Amulet

‘Someone uninvited has joined us,’ whispered the halfing.

‘I saw the door open and close too,’ muttered the gnome quietly.

‘A spy of some kind that we cannot see? What do we do?’ the dwarf said aloud.

‘Secure the door so we can…and too late,’ hissed the elf as the door open a little and was left open.

‘If the humans catch on to these meetings how will we still be invited into their societies?’ inquired the halfling as he gently ran a finger down the edge of his short sword.

‘They won’t, we have to find this one,’ the elf replied gathering his weapons.

‘A hunt!’ eclaimed the gnome gleefully and grabbed his war hammer.

Gruffly the dwarf picked up his axe, perturbed at himself for scaring off the invader.

A rugged looking brass charm that has peridots and aquamarines set in it. Elves seem to take a dislike to it and won’t touch it, gnomes and halflings are leery of this thing, dwarves don’t care, but will smash it if given half a chance.

Benefit: When activated this charm will make the wearer invisible to all with Fey blood or origins up to their second attack, giving them a free first attack without revealing themselves, after which they are then visible. The magic is so strong upon this strange amulet that even if the Fey creature thinks they are certain where the bearer of the amulet is they are -3 to Hit in combat until that individual is revealed.

Usable by: Anyone not connected to the Fey.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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