[New Magic Item] Book of Boons and Banes

Book of Boons and Banes

The mob encircled the old cleric, pitchforks and torches at the ready.

‘ You people are mad! The book was evil in nature!’ the priest shouted.

‘My boy used it to get money to go off on adventures,’ said one of the peasants.

‘And my girl got married when she was made prettier,’ claimed another of the yokels.

‘It wasn’t doing no harm, being a magic book and all, maybe some wizard lost it and we found it,’ said another of the rabble.

‘Can you not hear yourselves? You put too much faith into that cursed thing, now it is gone, gone forever!’ snarled the priest.

‘I believe there is one thing tht we can do that the book could not,’ said one of the villagers, a clever woodsman.

The crowd turned and looked at the speaker.

‘Tar and feather him,’ the woodsman said with a smile.

The crowd cheered as the cleric wailed a prayer to his deities, who, luckily for him, were on his side that day.

This book is huge, with sturdy wooden covers covered in strange runes and cyphers. It appears at random, mostly in civilized places, a “gift” from the Gods of Mischief that causes chaos wherever it lands. And just when others want to use it, it is gone!

Benefit: Anyone can read and understand the pages of this book as long as their Intelligence is 6 or higher. This book is chock full of minor curses, afflictions and benefits that anyone can avail themselves of once per day. No boon or bane may exceed a +/-1 modifier to attributes or combat abilities while benefits or losses/damage may not exceed 75 gold pieces in value. The book weighs about 50 lbs and any attempts to move it results in 1d4 points of electrical damage. Any attempts to destroy the book or remove pages and it will simply fade from existence only to appear somewhere else. It is said that this is truly how the book moves, not of its own whim or that of its creators, but when someone tries to get rid of it or steal pages from it.

Usable by: Anyone .

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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