[New Magic Item] Kindest Cut Amulet

Kindest Cut Amulet

‘I have heard of this thing,’ Uzeb the Wise said as he nodded at the strange amulet on the tavern table.

‘Is it cursed?’ Jaundo asked.

‘Not the first time you use it, if all I have heard is correct,’ the wizard replied.

Jaundo picked the strange charm up and examined it. The fighter looked oddly nervous to Uzeb.

‘Have you used this before?’ the sorcerer inquired.

‘And found it again when we were in the Tombs of the Dread Liche,’ Jaundo replied.

‘If I were you I wouldn’t use it then, now it is a curse to you,’ Uzeb said gravely.

Jaundo fidgeted for a moment then looked around for other adventurers in the tavern.

‘What are you doing?’ Uzeb asked.

‘Looking for someone to sell it to that might get hit by a magic weapon, it will pay for our drink for quite some time,’ the fighter said.

Uzeb was a little perturbed that he was overlooked as a potential recipient of the charm, yet the fighter was right, it certainly would buy a lot of drinks.

A strange looking amagamation of gold, silver and strangely cut emeralds, this amulet can only ever be used once, so make sure you use it at the right time.

Benefit: When the bearer of this amulet is next cut by a magical weapon of any kind they immediately gain one level of ability with all of the benefits that the next level would grant them. Although then they cannot seem to locate the amulet because it has disappeared to a random treasure horde. If found again trying to use this twice (or more) in one lifetime causes the greedy person to suffer an immediate 1d4 level drain each time.

Usable by: Anyone.

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