[New Encounter] Nozak’s Grave

Nozak’s Grave

‘We have the artifact!’ Stork exclaimed as the wizard dispersed shadows that crawled around his feet. Vistis the Blue Mage was busy holding off a ghoul warband with a spell that cast burning and gnawing colours upon the growling undead.

‘Let’s go then,’ urged the illusionist.

A week and four cemeteries later the spellcasters were still trying to find their way back to the Material Plane; a small army of undead casually building up in their path.

‘That artifact seems like a magnet for our foes,’ Vistis observed looking back.

‘We are almost to the next graveyard, keep up hope, old chum,’ Stork said despite his own failing spirits, the Realm of Shadows tended to leach the life and colour out of everything.

It is said that Nozak was a wizard of no small skill who managed to travel the planes with a certain amount of confidence although he met his fate among the undead in the Realm of Shadows in a rather unfair fight with a notorious liche. Now Nozak’s grave wanders the various cemeteries and necropoli of the world, open and inviting any to leap in. And some line up to, for Nozak’s Grave was his planned resting place and now is a conduit to the Realm of Shadows, where his spirit wails over his bones, hoping to be returned to the Material Plane one day.

In the game: An open grave with an odd, rune-carved headstone, this burial spot has been dug and the bottom always looks murky and shadowy, even at noon on a sunny day. This is because the grave of Nozak is a rather easy path to the Realm of Shadows, a dark and dreary duplicate of the Material Plane with all of the color leached out of it where shadows, undead and other gruesome creatures lurk. Nozak’s Grave tends to wander a lot; the cemetery where you entered the Realm of Shadows may ot be the same way back to a sunnier and happier realm.

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