[New Spell] Shouldn’t Come By Anymore

Shouldn’t Come By Anymore

Murgi sat sulking on an oak barrel set on its side.

‘It is really not that bad, I can go in and get anything we need,’ Olhmi told the thief.

‘It was only some lamp oil. And a few biscuits. Oh, and a small knife, a very small knife,’ Murgi said in reply.

‘Can’t you even see the door at all?’ the priestess asked.

‘Nope. Just a blank wall,’ the thief admitted.

‘You need to improve your skills,’ she said and then seemed to disappear into the wall.

Shouldn’t Come By Anymore (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One day per level of caster or until dispelled.

This illusionist spell makes a building that the target has entered at least once before appear to no longer have an entrance for the duration of the spell. Only blank walls are visible and even if others enter and exit freely to the individual affected by the spell there is no way in unless they try to break through a wall or roof. Mainly meant to repel known thieves, especially before a heist, this spell can be used to confuse or even mark a particular individual and deny them from entry. A Save vs Spells with a -2 modifier to reject this spell may be attempted.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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2 Responses to [New Spell] Shouldn’t Come By Anymore

  1. Dick says:

    That could also be used in an investigation to determine if someone is lying about never having been in a given building before. If they can’t see the entrance, they’ve been there at least once before.

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