[New Monster] Keyhole Daemon

Keyhole Daemon

‘What do we do? That thing is after us,’ asked Vistis the Blue Mage with a tinge of fear in his voice.

‘We wait for it, I am tired of running, have your spell ready,’ Stork replied as he reduced the light in the room to a trio of candles. Both spellcasters caught a faint high pitched insane sounded laughter and the sound of claws on wood.

Vistis began murmuring his enchantment as an oily smoke began creeping in through the keyhole of the locked door.

‘Now!’ shouted Stork before the creature could become solid again on their side of the door.

Multiple colors flew at the daemon as it shrieked and writhed in pain, Stork thrust a magical dagger at it several times as its wickedly clawed hands flailed. The creature gave out a howl and tried to retreat yet seemed stuck somewhere between solid and oily smoke, it tried reaching the window as both wizard and illusionist stabbed at it with arcane weapons. With a groan it expired with one hand on the windowsill and melted into a puddle of noxious oil on the wooden floor.

‘And that is why we are never coming back to this town,’ Stork growled as he began packing his things which prompted Vistis to do the same.

Keyhole Daemon: AC 2 [+17], HD 7 (31hp), Att 1 claw (1d6+2) or bite (1d6), THAC0 13 [+6], MV 120’ (40’), SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (2), ML 10, AL Chaotic, XP 675, NA 1 (1d4), TT B ▶ Lockleap: Twice per day this creature may attempt to ‘leap’ through any keyhole; the referee rolls 1d20 and on a result of 4 or more the ‘leap’ was successful and the keyhole daemon is on the other side of the door, chest or any type of lock where the creature will fit on the other side. If it will not fit the attempt automatically fails.▶ Light sensitivity: these creatures are -1 to Hit in bright light and take 1 point of damage every other round when exposed to anything stronger than torchlight or a Light spell.

Hideous dark grey bipedal creatures with long arms that end in clawed hands and large yellowish staring eyes these earthbound daemons are consummate assassins. Often told to children to frighten them at night the stories are true, yet thankfully these creatures are very rare. An eerie tittering sound often can be heard as the creature can barely contain its enthusiasm before the next kill.

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2 Responses to [New Monster] Keyhole Daemon

  1. Dick says:

    One of my old games in the 80s had a whole mechanically themed dungeon that was contained within the lock on a treasure chest. If you blew your attempt to open the thing you and everyone nearby got miniaturized and sucked into the place where you were stuck until you discovered the (convoluted) escape route. The PCs wound up in it semi-voluntarily – they were bounty-hunting and their quarry had vanished into the keyhole after the pursuit got too close. Was kind of fun – the party went in after him, and while they were in there another group of hunters showed up, figured out what had happened and went in as well, leading to a race-and-chase. The players wound up melting the lock into slag at a forge after they all got out so I never got to use it again – thought for sure someone would have kept it find another use for it but they decided it was too risky to keep since whoever had created it was out there with a key somewhere and stuff they’d seen inside made them think he’d do terrible things to them once he tracked them down.

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    • bät says:

      Obviously a clever idea and a memorable game. I did have one of my first spells on this blog be Lockleap, which essentially does the same. This monster, however, was inspired by watching a paranormal show on Haunt Tv that described night time monsters and this was a Slavic example.


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