[New Spell] Extra-Planar Favor

Extra-planar Favor

The celestial hovered above the cold stone of the dungeon floor and frowned.

‘You again?!’ he exclaimed.

‘Aren’t there more of you to answer these calls?’ Olhmi asked despite herself.

‘There are many wars out in the planes and apparently I am not privvy to them, I am making sure you clerics are safe. What do you need now?’ the celestial replied.

Olhmi nodded at the trio of mencacing vulture-headed demons that were lurking nearby.

The celestial turned and spied the demons. Suddenly the angelic figure of the upper planes seemed to be burning with a rage of holy fire. The creatures squawked and clawed at each other trying to escape the presence of the holy being.

As they fled Olhmi nodded to thank the celestial.

‘And keep that thief friend of yours more in line, we know he is mostly the cause of the debacles you find yourself in,’ he said sternly and was gone in a flash of light.

Murgi appeared from the shadows.

‘Well that was a little harsh,’ the thief observed.

Extra-planar Favor (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: Instantaneous.

A prayer that summons a celestial being to help a cleric in a pinch; can heal anyone the cleric wishes with 10 hit points, can frighten off an enemy with Fear as a 12HD creature, may reveal a secret door or other hidden location or any similar, minor miracle making his a handy utility spell for the divine. Using this spell too often means the cleric’s deity may Geas them.

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1 Response to [New Spell] Extra-Planar Favor

  1. Dick says:

    I’m reminded of that genie in the Bugs & Daffy cartoon slowly getting more and more fed up with being disturbed with requests until he finally snaps. 🙂


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