[New Encounter] Bhiziki the Betrayer of Contracts

Bhiziki the Betrayer of Contracts

‘He now controls your family’s stables?’ Bakra -do asked.

‘Yes, everything looked correct, and then it didn’t, if you get my meaning,’ replied Voln the Unlucky.

‘I understand, I have heard of this character,’ said Bakra-do.

‘What can I do?’ the haphazard adventurer asked the mercenary.

‘We hunt him down, of course, this madness cannot continue, he has been doing this for far too long,’ Bakra-do snapped back, trying to embolden Voln with his fiery reply.

‘But he is scary, Bhiziki can make monsters come out of the shadows, things that bite and claw,’ Voln said, sounding half frightened.

‘Then we bring more torches. Come on, let’s prepare to encounter this scoundrel!’ the mercenary said in a way that ended the conversation.

A slippery character of some power that appears as a harmless old conjuror. This trickster may be a demigod illusionist that is driven to try the ‘long con’ to alter documents in his favor or at the request of others. With his arcane paraphernalia Bhiziki is a menace to civilization in the most nefarious of ways. This villain has an empire spread out through various cities, towns and even villages, few are safe from his predations.

In the game: Bhiziki is obsessed with drawing intelligent beings into a contract and then through means magical or merely insidious, altering the contract in his favor. His own problem with this is that his obsession has transformed into a type of vain madness and he sometimes alters a contract seemingly in his complete favor that turns on him (roughly 25% of the time). Treat as a 5HD monster that casts Illusionist spells as a 12th level Illusionist and possesses an enchanted dagger that is +1 to Hit and deals 1d6+2 damage, 1d6+3 to Humans and Demi-humans.

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