[New Magic Item] Displacing Boots

Displacing Boots

The exasperated thief Murgi cried out suddenly.

‘What is it now?’ Olhmi the priestess asked.

‘Boots! My feet!’ was all the thief could say in reply.

The priestess looked at Murgi’s feet.

‘Those boots are in a state of disrepair, aren’t they enchanted?’ she asked.

Murgi pointed to his own shoes which were running away swiftly.

‘We have to catch them, but these boots are too tight!’ shrieked the thief.

Olhmi sighed and sprinted after the thief’s shoes. This was going to delay their journey for some time.

Not really controlled by anyone as much as unleashed by the last victim when they reclaimed their enchanted footwear. Appears as a well worn pair of old boots that move silently.

Benefit: This pair of enchanted footwear will appear near someone wearing magical shoes/slippers/boots and wait for an appropriate time and rush at the individual. When within 3′ these cursed boots causes their prey to make a Save versus Magic with a -2 modfier. Those who fail find this pair of boots on their feet as their magical footwear is now gone, running off at a speed of 150′, being hard to catch and teleporting away somewhere in a one mile radius within one hour. It will take a Strength attribute check to remove the cursed boots too.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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