[New Encounter] Shuffling Forest

Shuffling Forest

Captain Varrax looked over his remaining soldiers. They had taken a beating at the hands of the minions of the necromancer cabal and were hurrying to find help and alert others to the danger. Sparks, the company wizard nodded.

‘Lamplighter! Have you go the stuff?’ Varrax barked into the crowd looking for the lackey.

A hunched figure bearing a huge sack on his back approached.

‘Yes, sir, straight from the horses’…’ Lamplighter began.

‘That will do,’ the Captain said, cutting him off. ‘Follow Sparks and negotiate with the trees.’

‘The trees?’ the lackey inquired.

‘Just follow orders,’ groaned Varrax.

A stand of roughly 75-125 bamboo treants that are quite intelligent and a bit mercenary. When standing still they offer the perfect cover, for a price of some kind. They do not move fast nor do they fight for you, yet they do offer amazing cover to either ambush an enemy or to lay low.

In the game: rarely found in temperate to boggy surroundings, these uncommon treants are thick for bamboo, yet a nowhere near the size of an oak or similar tree and quite short, being about 8-10 feet tall maximum. Yet they can create a tiny copse, intertwining their arms to appear to be tree limbs to look natural 90% of the time and providing 100% cover for those within. While non-combatants themselves, they will defend as 4HD monsters if attacked, especially with swords, axes or fire. Their best ‘move’ is to creep along very slowly and quietly with those they are sheltering to either move closer to or farther away from a target. These odd ents prefer payment in fertilizer or water, coins and gems are useless to them.

Inspired by miniatures posted by zinnling on Instagram.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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