[New Encounter] Mauve Torches of Malice

Mauve Torches of Malice

‘Lamplighter!’ Captain Varrax shouted. ‘Take some men and check out those strange purple lights in the forest.’

The strange small man nodded and scampered off to do as he was ordered.

Some time later Lamplighter returned, looking a bit haggard and worse for wear.

‘Well?’ Varrax inquired.

‘Orcs, sir,’ the lackey replied.

‘They roughed my men up to this degree?’ the captain said, astonished.

‘That foul light, sir. I am the only one that returned. All within it were weakened, sir,’ Lamplighter said.

‘This time take some archers with you. And some soldiers with crossbows. I don’t want to be bothered by a few orcs,’ Captain Varrax ordered.

Lamplighter turned and scowled, hoping that this time he would fair better against the bearers of the baleful light.

Torches always set in a metal sconce, either on a wall or handheld, these strange torches give off an eerie purplish light that casts strange shadows and odd reflections.

In the game: a common tool for evil wizards and evil high priests to give to their shock troops and trusted scouts, these torches shine brightly in a 40′ radius and all non-Chaotic creatures within this light are subject to Fear which causes them to be -2 on all rolls within this light and once within, unable to see anything outside of the light until out of the torch’s malignant glow for two rounds. If a regular torch’s flame touches the purple flame there is a blinding flash (as per the spell) and until cursed again the torch will buurn with a normal flame. The enchanted sconce multiplies the life of the torch by five times a regular wooden torch. Chaotic creatures within the purple flame’s glow are immune to the affects of direct sunlight.

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