[New Spell] Blazing, Bouncing Skull

Blazing, Bouncing Skull

Olmhi’s eyes widened as she saw the necromancer Xalgix holding a chattering skull in one hand. Xalgix smiled.

‘What is that going to do?’ Murgi asked as the thief picked up on the priestess’ fear.

‘You don’t want to know, let’s go!’ Olhmi urged, tugging at the sleeve of Murgi’s jerkin.

Unfortunately the hirelings were not as perceptive. Three porters and a torchbearer were dead before the skull nipped at Olmhi, leaving a burning bitemark on her arm before Murgi knocked it away and out a window.

Blazing, Bouncing Skull (Magic-user)

Level 4

Range: 60′.

Duration: Instantaneous.

Requires the skull of an intelligent creature which is enchanted during a ritual. When this spell is cast the skull bounces, at the caster’s command 1d4+2 times, each time the burning skull inflicts 2d4 damage in a combination of burning and biting. In addition, the sight of this spell in action causes creatures with less than 6HD to make a Save vs Spells or flee the area in Fear as per the spell. Each skull can take 8 hit points of damage, either way at the end of its journey the skull explodes dealing 8 hit points of damage to all in a 10′ radius.

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  1. Is Bouncing, Burning, Smoking Skulls a thing? Inquiring minds and all that …


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