[New Magic Item] Ring of Animation

Ring of Animation

Murgi’s brother Vrongi studied the map.

‘You are right, brother, the path is not one for horses, it looks quite dangerous,’ he said finally.

‘How do we get there in three days?’ Murgi asked.

With a wave of his arms and a wriggling of his fingers Vrongi made the rug next to them levitate up from the wooden floor.Olmhi smiled wide and clapped her hands.

‘When did you learn magic?’ Murgi asked his brother.

‘The wise one never tells,’ Vrongi replied with a wink.

‘Yeah, but I am asking you,’ the thief said.

Slim silvery ring with a shiny, well cut, emerald set into it. Radiates magic, yet does not look familiar to most of those types that know a lot about magic rings.

Benefit: This magical ring will, once per day, allow the caster to animate one non-living object (for example, no plants, a broom would be fine) for up to one hour per level (minimum of one hour). This object must remain in line of sight of the ring’s owner to be controlled, in which case even weapons may be animated when picked up by another to fight better or turn on the ‘wielder’. Object animated must be smaller than the one wearing the ring, use appropriate rules for ‘Animated Object’ except that any resistance rolls are against the attributes of the ring’s wearer.

Usable by: Anyone.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Ring of Animation

  1. Dick says:

    Not to be confused with Fleischer’s Ring of Animation, which allows an artist to animate drawings he’s produced so they follow his commands and can transfer themselves directly to other recording media such as film or a thumb drive. The animation effect lasts as long as the artist can maintain concentration, but every ten minutes there’s a cumulative 1% chance the characters will go “off script” and behave as they please – often insulting, harassing or even assaulting their creator in the process.

    What? If you’ve seen Max Fleischer’s work you know there was magic involved. 🙂

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