[New Encounter] Aktruse the Angry Golem

Aktruse the Angry Golem

The hulking form burst into the tavern, shaking the very floorboards.

‘I want my eye back!’ the thing of clay roared, a longsword held easily in one hand.

‘Nerlo’s not here. I have no idea where he is, I have told you before,’ the barkeep said calmly as he dried some mugs.

‘I have a treasure map if anyone can find him,’ grumbled the clay golem.

Murgi sat upright, curiosity picqued.

‘No,’ Olmhi said sternly over her porridge.

‘But…he has a treasure map,’ the thief said.

‘No. You know how these things end for us, we will have that thing hunting us down too,’ the priestess replied.

Murgi’s shoulders sank as he tried thinking of ways to turn Olmhi’s mind around to see the benefits of helping the golem out.

A tall clay golem that is animated of its own will with one blazing red ruby eye. Hopefully you are not the one he is looking for. The encounter can be benficial to the right party.

In the game: not a usual construct, Aktruse has a human soul transplanted into a clay golem that was done so long ago even Aktruse cannot recall if this was a benefit or a curse. He is missing an eye that he loaned to a dwarf, or maybe an elf, or a human that was down on their luck and needed it for a sure thing bet. The bet was set up, the eye-borrower lost and they are in hiding. Aktruse wants his eye back and he is -2 to hit and damage in combat with his enchanted longsword until he reclaims his eye. If returned the golem has a treasure map hidden somewhere nearby that is the real thing. Or is it?

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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2 Responses to [New Encounter] Aktruse the Angry Golem

  1. Dick says:

    Heh. That’s a nice oddity to run into. I wonder if he could see through his other eye if he tried? Might help find where it is – or just get a nice view of the inside of a pouch or treasure chest. But maybe someone’s made the mistake of mounting it on some jewelry…

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