[New Encounter] Vongk the Strange Angel of Balance

Vongk The Strange Angel of Balance

The creepy looking antlered dog beastman was struck in the shoulder by the eerie angel’s sword. This threw Jaundo ina panic as the wounded thing suddenly seemed to exclude itself from combat, choosing to sit and contemplate something more important than the skirmish.

‘What do I do?’ Jaundo whispered back to Uzeb.

The wizard pointed at the toad-headed creature advancing with a large battleaxe. So did the dusty angel.

Jaundo nodded and raised his spear as the angel drifted forward to engage with the beastman.

‘What is happening?’ the fighter asked the wizard.

‘I’m not sure, I am just going with it,’ Uzeb replied.

This ten foot tall figure is all gray in appearance, from the dusty feathers of its wings to the horned skull like head and drab robes. Bony gray hands clutch a huge longsword possibly meant for a giant. A bright amber glow emanates from the eyes and mouth almost like a weird jack-o-lantern.

In the game: Vongk often lurks near battlefields, barrows or strange entrances to the chaotic land of the Mythic Underworld. This entity rarely speaks, yet is more than happy to join in on a skirmish in which one side is terribly outnumbered. Vongk has 12HD and attacks with OldeSoul, an enchanted longsword that is +2 to Hit and deals 1d8+2 damage in combat. In addition, those struck by the sword (that live) must make a Save vs Poison with a -2 modifier or become Neutral (if not already) for 1d4 days. This ability stacks and may be permanent to the individual, giving them a new outlook on life. If the battle starts to go against Vongk the Strange Angel flaps its dusty wings which causes an obscuring dust storm that allows the entity to fly off.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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