[New Magic Item] Witch’s Ring

Witch’s Ring

Zalto Seven-Eyes entered the fray on the hilltop, a flaming sword in one hand and a blade of ice in the other.

‘Nope,’ Inglox said aloud and muttered a word. Suddenly a broom was in his hand. Without further adieu the dwarf mounted the broom and flew off into the night.

‘Loyal friends,’ Zalto said sarcastically as Bakra-do groaned and drew his two short swords.

‘Have faith in Inglox,’ Krozik muttered to the bounty hunter.

‘Him? I am already wondering about you,’ Bakra-do replied. Krozik frownd. Zalto laughed.

Without warning a large midnight blue panther pounced on Zalto Seven-Eyes, catching him completely unaware, Krozik and Bakra-do rushed in and were joined by Inglox.

‘I stand corrected, drinks are on me,’ Bakra-do said just before he plunged both blades into the evil warlord.

Serpent shaped silver ring with emerald eyes. Very handy to have and very difficult to keep a hold of.

Benefit: Once per day this ring may be used to conjure a Broom of Flying that will be disappear after one hour or turn an ordinary housecat into a big cat (panther, tiger, leopard, lion, etc) or a big cat into a dire/sabre toothed tiger for one hour that has maximum HD and follow’s the orders of the one who summoned it. The wearer of this ring cannot cross a barrier of salt and will catch the notice of any witches or hags in the area which will attack the ring’s wearer first and attempt to retrieve the ring at any cost.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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