[New Spell] Shimmering Shields

Shimmering Shields

From a distance the sudden illumination of the elven shields looked like shooting stars zig-zagging their way to the ground.

To the goblin warband engaged in combat with the elves it was a furious struggle to avoid the blinding light that weakened the small monsters.

Shimmering Shields (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 30’+5’/level.

Duration: One round per level in combat or one turn per level out of combat.

When cast the illusionist may choose one shield per level within range of the spell and that shield(s) will project light from the ‘face’ of the shield that is bright enough to illuminate an area or blind a disrupt a combatant, making those not sensitive to bright light to be -1 to Hit and Damage in combat and those that are affected by bright light to be -3 to Hit and Damage in combat until the spell expires, at which time the light(s) goes out and the shield no longer affects those facing it.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Shimmering Shields

  1. Dick says:

    This kind of “illusory” light won’t trigger other effects, but there might be higher level variants of this spell that create light that acts as moonlight (empowering were-creatures but driving them into an animalistic frenzy) or even daylight (searing vampires to ash) as well as dazzling enemies. These effects are in addition to applying the larger -3 penalty to supernaturally vulnerable foes, which is important when facing (say) a desperate vampire or furious werewolf.

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