[New Magic Item] Enchanted Skull Bottle

Enchanted Skull Bottles

Jaundo watched Uzeb the Wise drink from his red glass skull bottle and put his hands in the campfire seemingly unharmed. The fighter tried the same and shrieked in pain.

‘Why doesn’t this work for me?’ aske the frustrated Jaundo.

‘First, you have the wrong liquid in your bottle, ale won’t do, and second, your skull bottle is blue,’ explained the magic-user.

‘Wizards!’ exclaimed Jaundo.

An enchanted glass bottle in the shape of a skull with a stem that will hold a cork or similar stopper. There are rumored to be four different colors of these ‘out in the wild’.

Benefit: Often used to hold potables while looking chic, these bottles will hold roughly two quarts (about eight uses when full) of liquid. Any liquid poured inside one of these skulls will not sour, ever. No two (or more) of the same color will work as below within a mile of each other. If pure spring water is poured into one the liquid is enchanted as follows:

  • Clear: imbiber is unaffected by poison gasses or other noxious fumes, may levitate 10′ per level (10′ minimum) for up to ten minutes.
  • Red: Fire resistance, 100% resistant to normal fires, 50% damage from magical fire, may cast Wall of Fire spell once per day as 6th level caster.
  • Blue: Cannot drown, will be ignored by all underwater predators as if unappetizing or poisonous.
  • Amber: Know the value of all gems and precious minerals, summon 1 4HD earth elemental once per day.
  • Green: travel unhindered and untouched through even the densest vegetation for five hours, summon 6HD treant .
  • Black: See in darkness as if dim light for 1d6+2 hours, summon 1d4 shadows once per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Enchanted Skull Bottle

  1. Dick says:

    The “no duplicates within a mile” clause is a good way to keep these from getting abused. No letting the whole party be immune to drowning or poison gas or fire whatever.

    Maybe more magic items should be “jealous” of one another in the same way?

    Liked by 1 person

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